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Nutrition Program

“The combination of having a daily practice online and a bi-weekly face to face meeting has really helped me be consistent. When life is easy I can be self-accountable but when my schedule gets tough or I get discouraged having a person there to cheer me on or remind me of my goals is very helpful.” – Current Client in NRx

The Nutrition Rx’d Program provides each member:

  1. Intro Assessment
  2. In your first meeting, you will discuss your fitness goals, nutrition background, take measurements, and he will build your online profile for the Nutrition Rx’d program!
  3. Weekly Check-ins and Updates to Nutrition Program
  4. Each week you will login to the member only page and submit your report on Sleep, Macro Goals, Exercise, and more. Then every other week you will come in and meet with Elijah for 30 minutes to review your plan, discuss updates, and talk strategies for the next week!
  5. A lot of us already know what we should be eating, but routine and habits get in the way. Having someone share daily motivations and challenges may be the missing piece in your road to success!
  6. Access to Weekly Blog, Social Media Support, and Online Resources
  7. When you join, you can access the member only page where you get to access the weekly blog, links to social media resources which can help keep you tuned in daily to your goals, and finally, archived resources sharing information about recipes, diets that may best suit each member, etc.