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“Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains” is a great definition, but hardly does it justice.

Every class we start with a warmup and then re-group to talk about the skill for that day. Sometimes we lift weights or work fundamental movements, but everything is adaptable to the class. The last half of class is spent on our “WOD” or Workout of the Day where we start the clock and get after it! If you need to know more, give us a call, but you really just have to take a class to experience why our members and people all over the world are changing the way they workout.

Each Class at Iron Industry has a beginner/intermediate level to experienced level and we pride ourselves on meeting our members where they are at! Still not sure if you are ready for class? Take advantage of our Starter Pack and get your first 3 introductory sessions 1 on 1 with a coach!

Membership Options
  • $159 / month (When you sign up under the 6 month membership!)
  • $179 / month to month
  • *This membership includes Specialty Courses like Barbell Club, Yoga, Boot Camp and Open Gym!
  • **Check out our Membership page for other options like 10 class pass / drop in rates / year pre-pay

Like the pyramid below illustrates, CrossFit first challenges us to conquer lung capacity. Before I ask anyone to Snatch or do gymnastics movements like the muscle up, I have to know if that person can do an air squat, right? Each class has two levels to meet members at the proper level of fitness. Barbell Club and Boot Camp will be included here.