• 3 personal training sessions with one of CF Iron Industry’s Coaches + 1 week of unlimited CrossFit classes!
  • This allows our coaching staff to give a personalized approach to each of you. The sessions focus on CrossFit’s foundational movements, what to expect in classes, and things like the “lingo” behind CrossFit, so each person is fully prepared to begin classes.
  • Register by filling out the submission form to the right of your screen and put “Starter Pack” in the “Which class would you like to attend?” box. From there, Josh will contact you and discuss your start date!


Perfect for those that consider themselves pretty fit and are thinking about joining our gym! (a.k.a. run, swim, play pick up sports, have done CrossFit or already exercise regularly.)


  • $20.00 Drop-in Fee
  • Looking to drop in?! Use the submission form to the right of your screen to let our coach know when to expect you. If you are here multiple days, we pro-rate our regular membership to meet your needs.

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