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Rhonda Eisenberg

I grew up in Eagle River Alaska and enjoyed the countless outdoor activities such ice skating, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking and skiing but my passion was fast pitch softball. I was on the High School swim team and worked as a swimming instructor/lifeguard for the YMCA. During college, I became involved in ski patrol and I could not get enough skiing. Skiing proved to be a wonderful break from my nursing studies in college.

While travel nursing through the United States, I met my husband Erik. After a while, we settled down in Lynden with our two boys Zachary (16) and Joshua (13).

Every year I would gain more weight and would dread going to my yearly checkup to hear how I needed to lose the weight. I had stopped being as adventurous after I had kids and stopped doing things that gave me energy and joy. I would try joining gyms but would never be motivated to go. I don’t know how many different gym memberships that I have had. My husband Erik was the one who introduced me to CrossFit. I thought that when I walked into the CrossFit “box” that it would be my same reaction as with other gyms. Was I wrong!

CrossFit is different. Through the encouragement of others, I started believing that I could do things. I get my “atta girls” during a workout “WOD”. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the community mentality that CrossFit endorses. CrossFit is for everybody and not just the young and “healthy”. I started CrossFit at 41. I’m healthier than I have ever been and have learned that I am stronger that I thought. I have lost at least 35lbs, eat better and have more energy to spend time with my boys. I am passing on to my sons that eating, and exercising is important as well and they have started CrossFit as well.

I work in the Emergency Department as an RN at St Joseph Medical Center. I enjoy working in the ER but now I have a desire to focus on health promotion and disease prevention. I currently in graduate school to achieve my Family Nurse Practitioner as to help my functional fitness goal and how people’s lives can be changed by a holistic view of incorporating active fitness into their health care.

Certifications: CrossFit L1, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Masters, CrossFit Gymnastics