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Blake Corl-Baietti

Hi! I’m an M.S. in Exercise Science student at WWU (2020), pursuing medical school thereafter to become a doctor in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Once upon a time, I was a small college track and field athlete, football player, and an NFL prospect. I have 10+ years of training individuals all across the ability/background spectrum. What I have derived from my education, varied sports pursuits, and working with many people, are effective, simple strategies to overcome nearly any obstacle.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, finding new food indulgences, and sharing new experiences with friends and family.

I CrossFit because of accountability. The standard of fitness that this community has held me to is truly a blessing. Through this, I know I am keeping my mind and body in the best condition possible, which helps me be more useful to those in my life and community.

In closing, I’m immeasurably grateful to be a part of CFII and be of service to anyone who needs help. I look forward to growing and improving with all of you!

“Bless the journey. Practice gratitude. Win the day.”