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Specialty Courses

Barbell Club – Monday / Friday at 4:00pm
*Part of your CrossFit Membership

This class focuses on Olympic Weightlifting. From mobility and particular warm-up practices, to high level complexes, these members practice lifts that improve their overall barbell capability and strength. We meet every athlete where they are at so come join in!

Boot Camp – Monday / Wednesday / Friday at 5:00am & 6:45am

Focusing on conditioning, this fun, fast paced 45 minute class covers intervals, bodyweight movements and light weightlifting to improve cardiovascular fitness!

Yoga – currently on hold 🙂

A Yin Yoga Class taught to hold positions for extended periods to help our bodies recover from CrossFit!

Open Gym Membership

Following someone else’s training program and need a good place to train? We have great equipment and space open to folks that can work with our schedule. Hours available are 1-4pm with unofficial training times (upon request) of 7:30am to 9:30am and 10:30am to 12:00pm.

CrossFit +

CrossFit will definitely improve your overall fitness and ability. BUT – If you want to focus on a particular element of your training right now…Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Running, Bodybuilding, or Mobility and Recovery Training for instance, we can help you!

CrossFit + is our new individualized training programs that partners you with a coach that will give you additional training cycles, progressions, and consultation time on those things you want to master. Contact our coaches today!