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Iron Industry Athletics

Iron Industry Athletics is our training program for individuals that are looking to make competitive careers out of CrossFit. This sport takes a lot to be successful and our program provides you with a challenging and sustainable approach to making your CrossFit dream a reality.

Hear from 2018 West Regional Athlete @carrielynndudley about her experience training at CFII while you check out our program details below!

Individualized Programming

Our coaching staff sends out the weekly training schedules and programming information along with educational resources, notes on upcoming competitions, and more that helps keep each athlete stay engaged with their training program.

Coaching & Training Partners

Time with coaches and other competitive athletes is now an increasingly common element of success for CrossFit athletes. Anyone can be a hard worker, but now you have to move perfectly in all the elements of CrossFit and that takes time and consistent attention to detail that our staff and your teammates can provide.

Nutrition Programming and Consultation

Our athletes use a variety of nutrition practices that best match their goals. Whether it’s the Nutrition Rx program out of CFII or independent practices that get you there, food is your foundation and this program will work to get you connected with the right resources to be successful.

Build your BRAND

CrossFit is a professional sport and to be good at it, we need time in the gym. That means we can help professionalize the work you do every day by building your brand around your training goals and get you some sponsors. Gain support from our staff and media team to help you create the presence you want online and make enough to support your competitive goals!

Closing Notes

It takes a lot to be a competitive CrossFit Athlete. This program provides the structure to get you the workouts you need, but more importantly I work with each athlete to make sure that they are also developing between the ears. That means being mentally tough in your workouts and the other aspects of your life.

If you are interested in starting with Iron Industry Athletics, email Head Coach Josh to receive your athlete application and he will get back to you within 48 hours to set up an interview. At the interview, we will discuss the program in depth, your goals, and what would be expected of you.

If accepted, be ready for greatness.