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Elijah Christie


Get in the gym, cook your own food, make it a lifestyle! My approach to health and fitness is rather simple, and lo-tech. There are so many fad diets, get fit quick schemes, new workout trends etc…My philosophy; stick to the basics—there is value in simplicity. Eat real food. If it is natural and whole, and provides essential macro nutrients, eat it and eat it often. Pick up heavy weights and pick them up often!

Weightlifting is second to none in building strength and translates into everything else physically demanding i.e., biking, running, skiing, hiking, sport etc. Use a barbell and squat, dead-lift, press and perform the olympic lifts.

Olympic Lifting Cycle: Strength Cycle Sample Week – Intermediate Level (link to PDF)

This program is for the hardworking individual looking to take the next step in weightlifting, build upon their strength, and improve on their technique and movement patterns. A solid understanding of the snatch, clean and jerk and how these movements are performed is a must prior to taking on this programming.

Personal training information can be requested by emailing me at


A Bellingham native, I have lived here for the majority of my life. I love where I live and all that Bellingham has to offer. When I am not in the gym you can find me on Mount Baker in some deep powder and on the trails backpacking in the summer months. If it is a physical activity and or outside there is a good chance I will do it. The ability to enjoy the outdoors where we live, and all it has to offer is definitely a large basis for why I love to train in the gym. I fell in love with training at about age 14. This is when my father finally let me get my first weight set. I played sports all my life, and spent a lot of time in the gym to get in shape. As much as I loved competing and playing basketball and baseball, nothing beat the satisfaction of a training session inside the weight room. There was something about the grind that I just loved, putting in the hard work and being able to see the results of that hard work come to fruition in both sport, and life. The lessons that training has taught me both in and outside of the sport world — like how to overcome obstacles physically and mentally is something I highly value and really enjoy sharing with others. With hard work, and good support, anyone can reach their health and fitness goals and learn valuable lessons, both physically and psychologically.