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Ashley Greig

Assistant Head Coach at CF Iron Industry
– B.S. Kinesiology
– CF-L1
– ACSM-Group Exercise Instructor
– CPR/First Aid Certified
– CF Gymnastics

As a former collegiate athlete and strength & conditioning coach at Whitworth University, I know what it takes to reach the next level of competition. Playing two years as catcher for the Pirates was not just luck, but relied on a dedicated practice keeping me healthy and in the game. I want to share that practice and coach our new generation of athletes to become the strongest versions of themselves.

“The Resilient Athlete: Healthy Athletes Play”





This 8 week program is designed to take athletes to the next level and keep them in the game. You really need two things in order to make it onto the playing field:

(1) Work your butt off
(2) Stay healthy/ injury free

One of the easiest ways to stay out of the athletic training room and on the field is to make sure that you have proper range of motion, joint stability and strength needed for your sport. The Resilient Athlete program begins with teaching proper movement mechanics and metabolic conditioning to help athletes reduce risk of injury and progresses into strength & SAQ training. Athletes will not only be stronger and faster, but also better prepared to handle the volume and stress that they will encounter in select teams and college athletics. Click the link above to see a sample week!

8 Week Program (3 days a week)- $1,000
Personal Training- $60/hour (10 sessions for $549)
Initial Assessment-$30

Here is what my past clients have to say about the program:
“Not all training is created equally! I saw benefit and purpose with every movement we participated in during your program. It was an awesome opportunity to get work done and “throw” some weight around with your teammates and sisters!”

Jamie -Whitworth U. Softball class of 2013