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Torn hands? How to heal and how to prevent tearing

This week’s blog post is in response to all those out there struggling with tearing hands. It happens! We get calluses, chalks mixes with sweat and those rough hands become softer and skin starts to pull and sometimes can tear… and it totally sucks. In the shower, typing at work, you feel it all the… Read more »

Friday Night Lights: Individual Competition Workouts

June 24th – Registration at 6:00pm / Workouts announced at 6:30pm / Event 1 – Heat 1 at 7:00pm  COMPETITIVE DIVISION EVENT 1: Kettlebell Chipper (53/35) – 200 Meter Run with KB shouldered – 50 KB Swings – 200 Meter Run with KB shouldered – 50 KB facing Burpees – 200 Meter Run with KB shouldered – 50 OH Lunges * 11… Read more »


Last night I made the decision that I would fully Rx MURPH meaning doing the workout unpartitioned as a chipper while wearing a 20 pound vest. I knew there would be hard moments physically. I knew there would be gear malfunctions. I knew that others may beat me to the finish, but I also knew… Read more »

Recover Faster and Stronger by Following Simple Daily Practices

We workout. We get sore…maybe even feel exhausted at times. We cannot take for granted the importance of a few daily things. Did you catch that…DAILY. If you drink the appropriate amount of water after a goods night rest tomorrow to start these practices, don’t expect to feel a change instantaneously. Practice these following things… Read more »

The Perfect Shoe for CrossFit is…

…I don’t know! But that is GOOD NEWS because there is such thing as the RIGHT shoe for you. If you are a lifter, crossfitter, shin splint recover-er or whatever, we have narrowed the search down to a few options which may help you take your health and CrossFit career to the next level! Perhaps… Read more »

4 Mobility Exercises You Should Be Doing EVERY DAY!

“I PR’d my couch stretch” is probably not a phrase you hear as often as “I PR’d my back squat”, but does that mean it’s not as important? Mobility is a vital part of Crossfit and health. Crossfit without mobility is like forgetting to wear your pants to work. Sure, you got to work quicker,… Read more »

Don’t Be A Cookie Monster

The photo above sounds great for my taste buds but maybe not my well-being. In last week’s post we talked about a Paleo Checklist. It is the idea of having a well-rounded and overall healthy lifestyle. One topic we covered explained the importance of balance; balance in life and in our diet. We talked about treating Paleo Desserts… Read more »